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No foreign tour without special needs: Finance Minister

Finance Minister AHM Mustafa Kamal has said that foreign trips of government officials and employees should be controlled to reduce expenditure.
He was speaking to reporters after a meeting of the Cabinet Committee on Public Procurement on Wednesday.

Despite taking steps to reduce unnecessary expenditure, there are allegations that the number of foreign visits by government officials has increased, he said. The ones you are looking at are the ones that got the previous approval. In all those cases we have approved.

“The Prime Minister has made it clear that from now on, if there is no need, there will be no foreign tour. If there is a special need, they will go; Otherwise no one will go. It will be reduced. ”

The minister said projects that were not “urgent” would be implemented later.

He spoke in support of the US Alliance, but said that maintaining some independence was important for Russia and Ukraine. For good times, it may be a difficult decision to make until external variables are addressed.

“Those projects that we wanted to do, if we think we can’t do them now, but there’s no problem, we’ll leave them for next time, that’s how we’re coordinating. There is nothing lacking here, just want to manage time efficiently. ”

Asked how long it would take to coordinate, Mustafa Kemal said: “You can’t say when the Russia-Ukraine war will end. The main reason is that there is no coward at the moment.… Now only the effects of war have spread all over the world. Everyone is suffering from it. ”

Regarding the skepticism of economists about the GDP calculation, the minister said, “We are doing the calculation in the same way as we calculate the GDP. We didn’t add any companies, we didn’t change the way we calculated. I think we’re fine.

“No one, including the IMF and the World Bank, has objected to what we have said so far. They agree with us, that is obvious. If you look around, you will understand how strong and fast the economy of the country is. ”

If there is any objection, Mustafa Kamal advised the concerned economists to sit down and talk with the government officials.


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