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‘Bad luck, I can’t get Sakib when I need it the most’

Injuries, rest, family needs, all in all, Sakib Al Hasan is hardly found in the Tests. This time Kovid’s push was added. BCB president Nazmul Hasan is disappointed that the all-rounder was dropped from the first Test of the series against Sri Lanka. His regret is that the team does not get Sakib when he needs it the most.

The BCB president’s regrets about Sakib are old. He told the media a couple of days ago that they themselves do not know which Sakib will play and which will not. Sakib was supposed to play in this series against Sri Lanka. But after returning home from vacation in the United States, he passed the Covid test on Tuesday.

Nazmul Hasan, in front of the media during the distribution of the National Sports Award, this time blamed Bhagya in the context of Sakib. If there is no all-rounder like him, the BCB president reiterated the challenge that he has to face in the XI selection.

“It simply came to our notice then. Unfortunately. I am praying for Sakib to get well soon. Talked to me yesterday, said he is fine now. He has no problem at the moment. We’ll do it again in a few days (test), very soon. We have the protocol, it will be done accordingly. ”

“The problem is that in the absence of Sakib, we have to play with one batsman less or one bowler less. This is a problem for the test. But there is nothing to do, nothing to say. Our fortunes are so bad that we can’t find him. We don’t get him when we need him the most. All we can hope for now is a speedy recovery and joining the team. ”

The BCB president hopes that the cricketer who got the opportunity instead of Sakib will match himself. He is hoping to win against Sri Lanka without Sakib, relying on the experience of others in the team.

“Not having him is definitely a big blow for the team. There is no denying that Sri Lanka is a very strong team. We are already very weak in Tests. That’s why it was a great opportunity for us and still is. Let’s see, whoever comes in Sakib’s place, he will be able to prove himself, this is what we hope. We have a lot of experienced players here, if they can play, I don’t think there’s any reason why we shouldn’t win with any team. “


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